Girls Football

2023 certainly generated a lot of buzz and excitement around girls and women's football. 

The FIFA Women's World Cup resulted in an increase in interest and registrations in our girls Academy Programme, as well as girls wanting to play in the Winter competition this year. 

We're really excited about the spin offs from the World Cup and what it means for girls and women's football at Oratia United. 

Oratia offers great Winter competition opportunities for girls who are either new to football, or are experienced players.

Girls can join the club from the age of 4 as part of our First Kicks programme

They can play in mixed teams in the 7th and 8th grades, and can join girls only teams if they wish, from the 9th grade onwards. 

Outside of the Winter competition, girls are also welcome to attend our Academy Programme, run by our Director of Football Steve Cain. 

Participants can attend the mixed sessions on Tuesday evenings, or the girls only session on Thursdays from 5-6pm. 

The programme runs term-by-term, year-round and those who attend enjoy a fun session, with some enthusiastic girls, while learning some great skills, and keeping fit. 


2024 sees Oratia fielding the following teams:

U9 Girls: Oratia Cheetahs

U9/10 Girls: Oratia Wild Cats

U10 Girls: Oratia Wild Thorns

U11 Girls: Oratia Dragonwolves

U12 Girls: Oratia Percivals

U13 Girls: Oratia Rebels

U14 Girls: Oratia All Stars

What do I need?


We supply each player with a playing shirt. Please note - this is the property of the Club and must be retuned at the end of the season.

Players need to provide their own shorts, socks, shin guards, and boots. These can be purchased through our online shop.

If you have any questions, or for more information about Girls Football at Oratia, please contact Julieann Sutton


The table below shows the game format including team size, field size, and ball size for each Grade of football from First Kicks through to Juniors.